unleash & let go

Guided by her Core Values of Authenticity, Passion and a focus to help women gain confidence and live their best life, Tara loves what she does... 

A Fitness Professional with over eighteen years experience, Tara has traveled the world as a featured Master Trainer spreading her love of dance and creating connections with women to "unleash & let go"

Tara's latest creation is Tone & Tease, a workout where she rocks your soul through dance. Tara has revolutionized dance fitness with this workout, giving every single woman who participates, regardless of their fitness level, the confidence to feel empowered and sexy in one single class. 

 This chair using, hair flipping, sexy dancing full body workout incorporates all of your muscle groups while revealing your inner goddess. Tone and Tease with Tara Romano inspires you to let go of your inhibitions and let your sexy out! Bring your heels and towels and let’s get SWEAXY!   (heels optional)


"when you dance, you feel the music; it radiates throughout your entire body."



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